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Formulated with simple and effective ingredients that work for you, our protocols helps you produce more feel-good chemicals. Calm the mind and lift the mood, day or night.


Formulated by Nutritionists and PhDs to help you maximize your day

5mg per serving to support your gut biome, brain health and recovery

Plant-based formulas to fit your morning to evening rituals needs

Subscription includes complimentary access to a mental well being crew!

No gluten, soy, fillers or artificial flavors, dyes or sweeteners

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     Female Founded     

Third Party Tested

     Minority Owned     

5 Star Reviews

     Organically Grown     

Plant Powered

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calm the mind and lift the mood

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We asked our customers to share their results on the benefits of using Potli’s protocols to improve their wellness, energy, and overall feeling.

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Are maximizing their goals


Good Night Chews :Dream Protocol

Ginger Detox Chews :Feel Good Protocol

Touch Grass Chews :Play Protocol

Our Registered Nurses are here every step of the way

Your assigned Registered Nurse understands the body from the inside out—with 1:1 advice available to you at no extra cost.

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“For the past two months, I've been starting my evening rituals using my Good Night protocol. Their Good Night Chew is dope, and I appreciate how they make you stay asleep and wake up refreshed.”

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“Look, I'm retired. This has easily been one of my little helpers to start the day right. I love the flavor, just the right amount of energy, and vegan formula. It leaves me feeling great going out and none of the hangovers.”

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Find your Play

who is Potli?

we’re here to help people feel calm, focused, and creative despite the world around them. a couple years ago, we created our first product line and jarred a feeling. now we make a variety of chews, inspired by our own culture and rooted in traditions of Chinese medicine that all help you feel calm cool collected in different ways.

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