Our Story

Feel Good Food. Sleep. Calm. Relief. Balance.

“At Potli, we are rooted in our culture. Our curated selection of essential foods infused with cannabis celebrate our heritage. We create functional ingredients sourced from our own backyard in California. Once you try Potli, you’ll want to bring these kitchen staples into your daily rituals and routines.”


Felicity is a third generation sauce and spice maker and launched Potli as a way to promote healthy living. Potli expands upon Felicity’s heritage and passion for functional ingredients by creating high-quality, craftsman kitchen staples for everyday use. Felicity is born, raised, and still rooted in the Bay Area and is committed to sourcing delicious ingredients from their home state.

As the CEO, Felicity oversees Potli's revenue and operations, ensuring the quality of ingredients- the primary reason customers choose Potli- is at the highest levels. Prior to Potli, Felicity worked in the food tech space at companies like UberEats and Gilt.com where she constantly thought about new ways to bring food to consumers.

Potli began with intention

After college, I came home to the East Bay and found that my father had started beekeeping in the name of homeopathic medicine to cure my mother’s autoimmune disease. My father harvested hyperlocal honey, which contains antihistamines to treat my mother’s allergies and help regulate her asthma. It was at home, with my family, where I grew up observing the importance of food as medicine. You can really imagine my childhood! This lens built the foundation of our company, and we have made it Potli’s duty to share the idea that food can also be medicine with the world.

Our First Product
The origin of Feel Good

Before Potli, there was no world where my conservative, Asian immigrant mother was ever going to smoke a joint with me, but I knew that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis could really improve the quality of her life. My college roommate and I put some cannabis into her honey and we created our first product: Potli Honey.

To this day, we still harvest honey from my parents’ backyard, and have now grown to over 50 hives in just the East Bay! This is our testament to how deeply we care about sourcing and changing the negative stigma surrounding cannabis.

We're rooted in our Culture

At Potli, we are rooted in our culture. Today, we have a curated selection of essential foods like olive oil and apple cider vinegar that are all infused with sun grown cannabinoids from the Emerald Triangle. We celebrate our heritage with our chili oils and srirachas.

Today, we also are a proudly diverse team of international women! From South Korea, Spain, Los Angeles, to the Bay Area, our team of women and allies make this dream a reality. All of our functional ingredients are sourced with sincere intention from our own backyard in California, and our only wish is that these craftsman kitchen staples make it into your daily rituals and routines.