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Well, sports fans, you know how they say you should just try it? Turns out they’re right sometimes because it seems I actually really like these Potli jawns. Upon further investigation, it seems the market does, too, because these things have been flying off the shelf. If you’re like me, and are over the sweet edibles that seem to be the current market leaders, grab a bag of these low dose delights. You may not feel the high (only 11mg per package, 0.7mg per chip), but your tastebuds will thank you for the new flavonoids!


Thrillist: Why Eating Cannabis-Infused Shrimp Chips With My Mom Was Shockingly Great

So not only are the shrimp chips grandma-approved and approved by Chen’s parents, they’re also now Thai mom-approved. Our shrimp chips arrived in an original and spicy flavor. The former’s aroma was familiar to my mom, who grew up snacking on shrimp chips and views it as a fun bar food to be dipped in roasted chili jam. She said the latter had a tongue-tingling mala effect (although she also agrees that her tongue might have felt a bit numb from being high) ... “Now that people are saying cannabis isn’t bad, I can see how it helps people,” my mom admits, ... “I don’t think it’s bad now,” my mom smiles, before turning back to Thai cooking videos and hair braiding tutorials on YouTube. “Just don’t eat too much.”



The Broccoli Report: Beyoncé Enters The Weed Scene

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the icon mentioned CBD as a part of her self-care regimen … She’s also gotten into honey as a wellness ingredient, and mentioned that she’s “building a hemp and a honey farm.”… Potli drops Uncle Chen's Jasmine Green Tea, hand-rolled jasmine green pearls from founder Felicity Chen’s father’s hometown in Fuzhou, China … each packet of pearls and the outer box—riffs on the look of imported medical teas lining the shelves of Asian food stores in a wonderfully nostalgic way.



Weed Maps: Consider Yourself A Foodie? Try These 10 Weed Products

Shrimp chips are light and airy with shellfish umami flavors and a satisfying crunch. On taste and texture alone, Potli's infused shrimp chips knock it out of the park. The original flavor has 10 milligrams of THC per pack, while the pack of Extra Lit Spicy flavor, dusted with mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorn seasoning, totals 50 milligrams of THC. Mixing both options in a bowl can provide a snack tasty enough to serve alongside craft cocktails, beer, and natural wine, while also striking a balanced dose. These deliciously addictive chips also have a CBD-only option, with 10 milligrams of CBD per bag in the original flavor, and a new delta-8 infused spicy flavor. 



MJ Brand Insights: Five Questions With Fel Chen Of Potli

So let’s talk about self care and breaking bread…How do you unwind? Before I cook for you, I must warn you that my dinners are almost always medicated. Here’s an example from last night — I made a sesame cucumber tofu salad with our apple cider vinegar, olive oil and chili oil. An hour later, after I have finished my bath…and have situated myself into bed, the edibles and the delicious concoction of cannabinoids (CBD & THC) start to kick in. I listen to bedtime stories through my Calm app and am drifted into sleep.



Salon: Condiments With Some Chill: CBD Enters The World Of Sauces

Potli's CBD Feel Good Honey. This product is crafted with raw, wildflower honey harvested in California and infused with 10 milligrams of CBD per teaspoon. While you won't feel much of a buzz (sorry) after consuming the honey, it is a solid addition to cups of tea, iced coffees and cocktails. 



MJ Brand Insights: 30 Below: Twelve Young Innovators Who Are Rocking The Industry

Based in the Bay Area, Potli is a line of cannabinoid infused products, including raw wildflower honey, olive oil, and sriracha based on a family recipe. Now 28, Fel credits her Chinese immigrant family for her strong work ethic and will to succeed, but credits her youth for her willingness to take risks. “I feel very fortunate to have started a company at an age where I could be fearless about creating something so against the grain,” she says, adding, “I have always used age to my advantage! I hope to always have a young mindset. To always be curious and open to learning new things.” This openness to new things has been particularly useful in our nascent industry. As Fel says, “There is no playbook for the recreational cannabis industry, and it’s humbling to be a tiny piece in writing the history of normalizing the plant.”




New from Potli, these Extra Lit Shrimp Chips are a zesty take on a classic treat. Salty but sweet, with a kick of heat—thanks to the brand’s trademark Mala Spice blend with Sichuan peppercorn—these snacks are also infused with CBD to help quell anxiety.



Weedmaps: The Best Strains And Edibles For A Stoney Backyard BBQ

Looking to throw a few spicy wings on the BBQ? Drizzle them first with Potli's infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with cannabis from Northern California's Aster Farms. Each serving in the 250 milliliter tin contains 5 milligrams THC. 



MJ Brand Insights: Beyond Gummies: Ten Innovative Cannabis Edibles

Potli’s beautifully packaged line of hot sauces, honeys, and oils are geared toward people who prioritize natural, locally sourced ingredients and want to explore cooking with cannabis. In addition to detailed information on strains and the expected effects of each product, the company offers a variety of recipes on its website. Their latest product is extra cannabis-infused shrimp chips which come in original and extra spicy.  



Forbes: 35 Nourishing Functional Foods To Add To Your Pantry

Third generation sauce and spice maker Felicity Chen pays homage to her heritage with a functional spin on shrimp chips—a popular snack in many Asian households. Each bag delivers 10mg of CBD through the inclusion of Potli Hemp Olive Oil, made from cold-pressed, single origin olives infused with broad spectrum hemp. Launched in honor of AAPI month, this soothing savory snack is the latest from the brand known for their hemp-powered pantry staples, like CBD-infused apple cider vinegar and a dreamy honey made with 6mg of melatonin.



Fast Company: 46 Well-Designed Gifts That Will Make Any Father Happy

POTLI HEMP-INFUSED SHRIMP CHIPS A savory, salty snack made with Potli’s CBD-infused Hemp Olive Oil. His favorite new movie night munchie.



Bloom and Oil: Potli Launches ‘Courage Over Comfort’ Campaign For AAPI Community

“Activism is not only about showing up and raising an alarm,” Felicity Chen, CEO of Potli, told Bloom & Oil. “It’s also about amplifying each other’s voices. By listening and learning from one another, we can really begin the work & start to address inequalities at the root.” Timed to coincide with AAPI Heritage Month, the move from Potli also arrives in response to a hideous uptick in hate times targeting the AAPI community — both in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as across the nation. Now Potli is currently doing the work of which Chen spoke by offering curated wellness kits with proceeds being donated to the brand’s AAPI nonprofit, Alma Backyard Farms.



Leafly: 10 Excellent Asian American Cannabis Products To Try Today

We don’t recommend putting a few drops of this under the tongue; you may burn off your taste buds before the high sets in. The Emerald Cup-winning hot sauce by Potli comes in a 4oz dropper bottle with 100 mg of THC oil, making it ideal for potstickers, but not for those looking to catch a strong buzz.



The Broccoli Report: Evolving Equity & Unique Launches

In continuation of Potli’s AAPI happenings this month, the CBD brand launched their Courage Over Comfort campaign—”a radical reimagination of care.” It includes a chance to win an amazing package of goodies—a SF Roots x Potli Protect Our Elders Joint, Potli’s hemp olive oil, a cookbook, a special new infused shrimp chip, and The Pollinators Zine, featuring a piece written by yours truly on the industry we wish we could build. To enter the giveaway, entrants make a donation to Alma Backyard Farms—an LA-based organization that provides support and employment to formerly incarcerated people through repurposing land into productive urban farms.



Gear Patrol: A Better White Claw? And 6 Other New Home Releases

Potli's hemp-infused pantry staples are made to help bring calm through its naturally occurring CBD. The brand's latest release, to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, is hemp-infused shrimp chips, which are common to find in Asian American households like that of founder Felicity Chen. The chips are made of gluten-free tapioca starch and dusted with shrimp seasonings — they're the perfect alternative to potato chips, offering a craveable seafood flavor.



FoodBeast: Weed-Infused Shrimp Chips Are The Answer To Your Munchies

Nowadays, snack sessions can hit different if you're partaking in cannabis, particularly when the munchies hit. Thanks to Potli, an Asian-owned and minority-led edibles brand that creates artisanal pantry ingredients infused with cannabis and hemp, weed-infused shrimp chips are now a tasty and trippy reality.



Men’s Health: 30 Best Hot Sauce Gifts To Spice Up Dad's Palate This Father’s Day

Sriracha became a cult-favorite hot sauce for enthusiasts over the last decade. And last year, Potli took it to a whole new level. The cannabis-infused food brand added 100mg of THC to the iconic pantry staple. Right now, it’s only available in states where cannabis is legal, but it’s a dinner party treat that offers unique way to feel a little high. Through Emjay, you can get it delivered straight to your door.



A Sweat Life: 3 Ways To Use Your Potli Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a long list of health benefits, from improving metabolism to lowering blood sugar levels. Potli’s Awaken Apple Cider Vinegar takes those benefits one step further by incorporating CBD to reduce anxiety and stress, ease pain and reduce inflammation, and promote restful sleep. Sure, you could incorporate ACV into your diet the no-frills ways—taking it as a shot or mixing it with water—but the distinctly strong taste of apple cider vinegar lends itself to use in several other formats that are more delicious to boot. Here are our three favorite recipes that use apple cider vinegar.



LA Weekly: Tough As A Mother: Doing It All For Your Kids And Yourself

Like a lot of moms, sleep eludes me. I’ve found a few things that help me good a great night’s rest are:… Potli Dream Honey (hemp-infused raw honey that promotes deep sleep)…



Financial Times: Top Of The Pot: The Cannabis Growers Cornering The Luxury Market


Gourmets don’t always need to eat out, though: high-end olive oils and other pantry products are carefully dosed by brands such as…Potli, allowing you to create a gourmet high in your own kitchen.



Forbes: 10 Cannabis Leaders Who Honor Earth Day Every Day

“Earth Day is a celebration of abundance rather than believing in the scarce, anxious mindest! Potli supports this Earth Day by making seed bombs or "sky dumplings" that attract pollinators (filled with California native flowers). We throw them out in the field next to our beehives. Sustainability is the backbone of Potli and this is just a fun example on how we celebrate the Earth.”



Cool Hunting: Gift Guide: 420 Happens Twice A Day 

Founded by Felicity Chen, Potli is run by a team of women from all over the world. Their hemp-infused cold-pressed olive oil…is genuine EVOO—made when olives are crushed using force, instead of chemicals, heat or other techniques. This oil boasts a naturally peppery taste and the cannabidiol adds to its existing herbaceous and floral flavor. In each 250ml bottle, there’s 250mg hemp-derived, non-psychoactive CBD; more dosage information can be found online.



Leafly: The Emerald Cup’s 2021 Winners And Where To Buy Them

Best edibles: sweet, and savory ... In the savory edible category, the edibles company Potli won with a sriracha sauce!



Wine Enthusiast: Go Green With A Booze-Free Cannabis Cocktail

To suit your taste, you can opt for the suggested Infused Ginger Simple Syrup or another CBD- or THC-soluble ingredient of your preference. For example, you can use regular simple syrup alongside your favorite cannabis tincture, or for those who have access to commercially-made CBD or THC honey such as Potli, you can add a teaspoon to the bottom of the shaker before muddling, in place of the simple syrup.



Do The Bay: Best Cannabis Products To Try This 4/20

Ever heard of CBD-infused apple cider vinegar? No one knows spicing up your pantry like Potli, which specializes in everyday home products with bounce like hemp-infused olive oil, chili oil and honey. Get restful sleep that tastes good



For moms who love to cook or just like it hot, there’s Potli’s Cannabis-Infused Sriracha, a spicy, fun take on this cult favorite Vietnamese hot sauce. Delicious on noodles, dumplings, eggs, and pretty much any meal or snack, this extra special sauce also enhances mood and boosts creativity. It features OG Kush, Lemon Skunk, and Purple Train Wreck strains and is nano-emulsified with 100mg of THC per bottle (0.85mg per dropper, 5mg per tsp) for a high heat culinary experience. Featured in Vanity Fair, Bon Appetit, Elle, Forbes, and Rachael Ray, Potli is taking cannabis and its no-high cousin CBD out of the weed world and into the wellness sphere.



Though several cannabis brands have entered the cannabis olive oil game, Potli still takes the (olive oil) cake. They have a hemp-CBD variety if you need your olive oil to cross state lines…a THC-infused collaboration with Aster Farms…or, best of all, their CBD/THCA variety, which keeps you sober when served cold or activates with THC when heated… Their THC-, CBD-, and CBN-infused organic local honey …also makes for the ultimate throat-soother if you're suffering from seasonal allergies.



Hall Of Flowers: Potli & SF Roots: Protect Our Elders

Collaboration is the key to amplification, which is why Potli and SF Roots is proud to be announcing our newest collaboration, Protect our Elders, a live resin infused pre-roll. As we stand in solidarity with POC, we show our support and remind others of our collective duty which has been ingrained deeply in our hearts. 

SF Roots is a black, equity-owned business and Potli is an Asian, women-owned business, both originating in San Francisco and active supporters in the community. In light of recent events where acts of violence towards the Asian community, explicitly towards aging people have increased, we are encouraging others to take a stand with us, educate ourselves and do our part to protect our community.



She’s Legendary: Felicity Chen | Founder, CEO of Potli

Q: What are your top self care routines?

A: Microdosing all throughout the day. I start my day with Potli Honey, I am eating pickles that I have made with Potli ACV + Chili Oil all throughout the day, I make a stir fry with Potli Olive for lunch, and end my day with Potli Dream honey.



Los Angeles Times: THC Edible Options For Every DietIncluding Keto, Gluten-Free, Vegan And Kosher

Potli (which also makes THC-infused sriracha sauce and honey) has partnered with Oakland-based Aster Farms to create a THC-infused extra-virgin olive oil (100 milligrams THC per 250 milliliter tin) that was supposed to be a limited-edition holiday offering but reps say turned out to be popular enough to keep producing. Olive oil is gluten-free as well as keto- and paleo-friendly too. Mangia!



Outvoices Phoenix: How To Bake Your Own CBD-Infused Valentine’s Day Brownies

Potli’s Extra Vibrant Olive Oil is an extra virgin olive oil made from cold-pressed olives. With peppery and slightly floral notes, your brownies will have the wonderful flavor of sweetness with a hint of spice. Olive oil has a high bioavailability so you’ll absorb a large amount of CBD into your bloodstream. With most ingestible forms, the CBD gets lost during the digestive process due to the acidic environment of the stomach. Potli thoughtfully created EVOO with this in mind. 



Timeout: 12 Awesome CBD Products That Aren’t Gummies

The founders behind this California-based brand pulled inspiration from age-old family recipes to perfect this hemp-infused chili oil. Each vial is delicately dosed with 10 milligrams of CBD that work hand in hand with the oil's natural anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, Potli offers a treasure trove of recipes to get you started, including sweet potato soup and cucumber salad—both of which get a kick of flavor and heat from this full-bodied chili oil.

If you'd rather drizzle your CBD over avocado toast or a salad, Potli has you covered with EVOO that's dosed with 250 milligrams of cannabidiol. Sourced from a family-owned orchard in Carmel Valley, California, the oil itself is smooth with a peppery bite and floral undertones. Use it when you're cooking with light to medium heat, or mix it into dressings and sauces for a subtle dose of chill.



MD Berry: Leading Women Entrepreneurs Ruling the Marijuana Industry 

Christine Yi and Felicity Chen

According to the American Marijuana Organization, the marijuana industry is expected to raise $23 billion in legal sales. Currently, over 13,000 businesses are depending on marijuana to run. In addition to the medical use of the plant, you can see that the legalization of marijuana has benefits to it. Amid all these waves and breakthroughs, some women are driving this growth. They have invested, revolutionized, studied, and taught about the marijuana industry. Below is a list of 30 leading women entrepreneurs shaping the marijuana industry.




“We were so excited when Aster Farms approached Potli with this project,” says Chen.
The Soil to Oil experience is about showcasing true transparency in the cannabis supply chain, one that often operates behind closed doors. We're documenting the entire process so you can see what we are made of and we can't wait for you to try this delicious oil.” The Tuscan variety olives, locally blended, are balanced with a single strain of Aster Farm’s sun grown Watermelon OG. The oil — featuring bold, green, and peppery notes — is great for promoting relaxation, increasing appetites and senses, opening up dialogues, and creating lasting new experiences for yourself and with others to enjoy.


There are few people who can’t appreciate the beauty of a flavorful, rich olive oil. Level up a simple appetizer of bread and olive oil with Potli and Aster Farm’s luxurious cannabis-infused organic olive oil for a truly indulgent treat. Made with Tuscan-variety olives from Campodonico organic farms, the olive oil follows Potli’s tradition of “soil-to-oil,” which emphasizes how products are sourced. The olive oil itself is full bodied and delicious, and the cannabis in it is relatively stable, meaning that while it might not be best for deep frying, you can cook most food in it as normal without degrading the THC. Plus, Aster Farms’ relaxing-yet-functional Watermelon OG is a crowd pleaser — sure to suit the large majority of cannabis-consuming cooks.


The nature of California regulations makes it difficult for legal brands to collaborate. Nonetheless, such partnerships are possible, as evidenced by a new olive oil coming courtesy of Lake County cultivators Aster Farms and San Francisco manufacturers Potli. Famed for their flower and honey, respectively, these two local heavyweights have now combined forces on a limited-edition olive oil featuring 100mg of THC per container. Perfect for the culinary cannabis consumer in your life or as a treat for your own tastebuds!


Cannabis growers Aster Farms teamed with Potli on this special-edition infused EVOO. Each can of California-grown olive oil contains 100 mg of THC, to heighten the experience of whatever you serve it with.



Combining their sustainably farmed cannabis with a Tuscan olive blend from the family’s award-winning Campodonico organic farm — where they’ve been cultivating and pressing olives for over 10 years — Aster Farms partnered with premium pantry goods company Potli for this special holiday drop: Aster Farms and Potli Cannabis-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Aster Farms partnered with premium pantry goods company Potli for a special holiday drop: Aster Farms x Potli Cannabis Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Home to both Aster Farms cannabis and Campodonico olives, this limited edition EVOO is an ode to Lake County California’s unique terroir. At 1300 feet in elevation, across nine-and-a-half acres of volcanic Lacustrine soils, every bottle was harvested with intention using an olive oil blend from Campodonico organic farm and other Lake County olive farms.



Potli Dream Honey - This Dream Honey promotes deep rest by combining CBD and CBN. CBN is a non-intoxicating minor cannabinoid known for helping with sleep. Delicious on its own or sipped in tea, sweet dreams are on the way.



The Knockturnal: The KnockturnaLIST: The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

A woman on the go needs her sleep. Rest and relax with the new Dream Honey by Potli, a CBD, melatonin, and CBN infused honey to add to any cup of tea. Sweet dreams!



This is Our Dream: Our Dream Inclusive Cannabis Gift Guide

Talk about a collab of our dream(s). Both Potli and Aster Farms are womxn-led companies that have teamed up to come out with a limited release extra virgin olive oil. Their EVOO is cold-pressed, sustainably sourced, and infused with a full spectrum of cannabinoids from Aster Farms. For those who are tripped out about dosing properly, the Potli x Aster Farms collab contains 8 mg of THC per serving and conveniently comes with 20ml dosing spoons to ensure you’re not over or undergoing it. Our Dream gift for: the chef in your life who’s looking to get a lil more creative with their edibles. 



Eaze: Your THC Holiday Gift Guide

Perfect for adding to your favorite meals, this deliciously spicy, cult favorite hot sauce is infused with 100mg of nano-emulsified THC for an immediate kick in flavor that’s followed by an uplifting, energizing effect.



The Cut: The 21 Best Weed and CBD Gifts

Introducing someone to CBD? The easiest way is with something edible like this honey. Besides CBD, it also has melatonin and CBN, another compound in cannabis that has shown promise in helping with sleep. Add one spoonful to a cup of herbal tea and you’ll be knocked out within the hour.



LA Weekly: Holiday Gift Guide - Shop Smart From Home

holiday gift guide

Combining their famed sustainably farmed cannabis with a Tuscan olive blend from the family’s award-winning Campodonico organic farms, Aster Farms in Northern California has partnered with premium pantry goods company Potli for a special holiday drop: Aster Farms x Potli Cannabis Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil.... The Tuscan variety olives, locally blended, are balanced with a single strain of Aster Farm’s sun-grown Watermelon OG. The oil — featuring bold, green and peppery notes — is perfect for promoting relaxation, increasing appetites and senses. Each 8.45 fl oz bottle contains 100mg THC, 8mg CBD, and has a suggested retail price of $35.




Screenshot from Potli press article



Refinery 29: Want To Work In Cannabis? These 7 Women Can Tell You How

Screenshot from Potli press article 

“The skills you have already acquired [can be applied to] the cannabis industry. Take some time figuring out what you want your role to be. Become a brand associate (Potli is definitely hiring) or train to be a budtender! If you are thinking about starting a brand, start your Instagram and build a loyal following with good content and a business plan.”



Bon Appetit: The Healthyish Guide to Cooking With, Eating, and Truly Enjoying Weed

Screenshot from Potli press article

 If your recipe starts with Potli olive oil, any food can be an edible. This hemp-infused cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is a new pantry staple for home cooks who aren’t into sugary edibles or just want to cook weed treats without dairy. Harvested from Tuscan olives grown in Carmel Valley, California, each earthy tablespoon is dosed with 15 mg of non-psychoactive CBD—ideal for swirling into hummus as an afternoon pick-me-up, drizzling on a bowl of popcorn for a relaxing midnight snack, or making a hangover-relieving brunch spread.



Screenshot from Potli press article

 Why we trust them: Potli began as a cannabis company in California developing products for dispensaries. The company took the same quality standards and regulations over to the hemp-derived CBD side of the business.

Potli decided to create cannabis-infused food ingredients instead of traditional edibles like candies and chocolates so that users could have healthier and more versatile options. All the ingredients in the products themselves are the highest quality and the company's flagship honey even comes from their own beehives in Northern California!



Marie Claire: 15 Women to Watch in the CBD Industry 

Screenshot from Potli press article

 Christine Yi is the co-founder (alongside business partner Felicity Chen) of Potli, a company that “creates ingredients for the elevated life”—that is, CBD-infused food and cooking essentials. In addition to honey and olive oil, the company launched a chili oil, which speaks to its founders’ Asian-American backgrounds. Yi recently moved back to the West Coast from New York to be closer to their factories and dispensaries (Potli is one of the few companies operating in both the recreationally legal cannabis market and the legal hemp market).

Yi is thrilled about the the uptick in demand for Potli products and the increasing general understanding of CBD. “As a business owner in the industry, I'm of course excited by the growing interest and demand,” she says. “I'm pleased to see new, high-quality products come to market, because it means consumers have more reliable options to aid their wellness journeys. In the end, that's really the most important thing.”



Halso: How to Identify Sustainable and Legitimate CBD Products

If you’re interested in a hemp-infused olive oil or honey, look no further than Potli, who sources all of their ingredients hyper-regionally and all of their packaging domestically. “In fact, all of our packaging is designed to be reusable”, says cofounder Felicity Chen. You can participate in their up-cycling campaign by giving your glass jar and cardboard tube another purpose in your home after use. It’s clear that Potli is committed to minimizing their carbon footprint while supporting local economies and ensuring our clients the utmost quality.
Additionally, Potli is on a mission to help counter the recent bee colony collapses: “For every batch of Potli sold, we build another sustainable, all-natural hive for our bee friends. With your help, we can build new habitats, raise awareness, and improve crop growth and yields in the community.”



Well and Good: The 6 Cannabis Products with the Highest Marks from Cannabis Experts

CBD and Ariana Grande have at least one thing in common: Both of them are trending in a, “Click, click, click and post/ Drip-drip-dripped in gold” kind of way. Cannabidiol (the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant) is seemingly in every product even remotely related to wellness these days, from facial oils to bath bombs to honey…making it hard to really know what to go for. So at Well+Good’s recent CBD-themed TALK at New York City’s Made by We, we asked a panel of industry experts to share their go-to recommendations.

Among those on stage were Chelsea Leyland, a medical cannabis and epilepsy activist, Mary Pryor, the co-founder and CEO of Cannaclusive, and Anthony Saniger, founder and CEO of Standard Dose. Each of them spends a good amount of time ingesting, slathering, and even soaking in the wellness world’s latest MVP ingredient, so their recs are worth writing down—whether you’re a CBD newbie or have been interested in the plant’s, er, medicinal benefits for years and years.

Get metaphorically (and in some cases, literally) lit with these 6 expert-approved CBD products.

Screenshot from Potli press article


“[Potli is] one of my favorite in the food category,” said Saniger of the CBD-infused honey. “I use it every night before I go to sleep.”



Forbes: Cannabis for the Non-Stoner: 11 of the Best CBD Products to Try Right Now

"If you’re the kind of person who eats, drinks, and cooks with honey, then this is the CBD product for you. Put it on ricotta toast with some figs. Make a salad dressing or sauce with it. Use it to sweeten your tea. Dump spoonfuls of it on your breakfast yogurt or oatmeal—then top the whole thing off with berries. Hell, you can even eat it right out of the jar. Anything goes, really. Just make sure you’re minding your dosage."



Cosmopolitan Magazine: I Tried Microdosing For A Week

“With licensed and fully legal dispensaries like LACPG, you have weed you can trust that looks like it was curated for the latest Kinfolk spread. Items ranging from infused honey to gel capsules and Goop-esque protein balls, I was on my way to a highly refined #weedweek. Getting home early, I decided to pop a 5 mg Kiva chocolate and do some yoga before attempting my first cooking excursion. Ravenous post-yoga, I made myself a grilled cheese with Potli Honey. Each tablespoon is 10 mg, so I decided to dose out 5 mg. Weed honey and cheese, as expected, is delicious. So delicious I made myself a second sandwich with another serving of honey.”



SF Eater: AM Intel

“Steap Tea is in the 4/20 game. What happens when you take cheese tea and add CBD honey? You get the “Green Queen,” Steap Tea’s foray into the world of hemp-derived CBD. It includes premium matcha, mint, and lemon, with 10 mg hemp CBD-infused honey from Potli and a whipped mascarpone top. Drinkers can add a “wellness shot” of 10 mg of the super chill honey to any drink for $3.”



Pop Sugar: Gourmet CBD Products

“Potli's 'Coming Down' CBD Premium Infused Honey is not only delicious, but it's made from raw, USDA organic, Grade A wildflower honey. This nonpsychoactive gourmet item is handcrafted in Northern California and carefully infused with cannabidiol that is extracted using clean, solventless Co2 to ensure purity. Try adding this honey to a bowl of fresh fruit, putting it on top of a yogurt parfait, or drizzling on your favorite soft cheeses.”



Pop Sugar: CBD Honey Is Here To Improve Your Health

“Potli's Honey is one of the best products out there. Each delicious tablespoon of its raw wildflower honey is balanced with nonpsychoactive hemp bottled at its hives in Hayward, CA. Founders Felicity Chen and Christine Yi have worked hard to perfect their CBD extraction process, teaming up with a group of local partners who only produce small batches. The hemp is CO2 extracted to ensure the highest purity grade that blends perfectly with its premium honey. Recently launching its new hemp-derived honey, Potli Hemp can be preordered online by contacting the company here. One tablespoon of Potli Hemp equals 10 milligrams of CBD.”



My Milligram: The Best Cannabis Products To Try On Mom

“Potli'sInfused Honey is a beaut (beginner moms would love the Coming Down/CBD, and a small teaspoon of the Going Up/THC would offer a microdose of 3mg THC if Mom is exploring THC a little).”



Mother Indica: How To Talk To Mom About Cannabis

“So, I recommended she tries Potli's CBD honey, and of course, she absolutely loves it! As a raw, organic, and local honey enhanced with non-psychoactive CBD, it's an incredibly easy and natural way for her to get started. It's important you navigate product options with your mama, especially if you know she will be better off with a little pot in her life.”



Mother Jones: Don’t Call It Pot- My Dinner With SF’s Cannabis Gourmets

“Then it’s time for dessert: baklava with infused honey made by Potli, the project of Felicity Chen. Chen’s mother is an asthma patient, and the mother and daughter had a ritual of drinking tea together on the weekends. Chen wanted her mother to sample CBD, a common active ingredient in cannabis known for its soothing effects. “But she was never going to smoke weed with me,” Chen says, laughing. “I’m a second generation Chinese-American—weed is like heroine for the Chinese!” Her mom agreed to try it in honey form, and now she uses it as a sleep aide, Chen says.”