It’s been a year. As business owners, as children of the food and restaurant industry, as residents of California, as people of color, 2020 has been a year of constant evolution and resilience building.

It’s been a year of it being okay to not be okay, when it was more important than ever to care for others and remembering to prioritize self care, too. What kept us going was knowing that Potli and the pantry staples we make might play a role in that care, whether we had the privilege of helping family members get access to much needed medicine, or if the role was in smaller, quiet moments to help you tune in to yourself throughout the day.  This holiday season, we find ourselves so grateful to help in any way we can to delicious well being. We’re reminded of why Potli exists. And while our team here will be enjoying some much needed R&R for the holidays, we’ll be itching to get back to that mission of care.  

Thinking of you, and happy holidays!

Felicity and Christine
  🌃✨🎄🥛🍪    🎶✨🎄   🎄🎥📺


01: Launch of Dream Honey

We're happy to help you sleep better in 2020 🌙 

02: THC Sriracha & Last Supper

Now a cult-favorite, we are happy to have launched THC Sriracha Sauce on Lunar New Year! And hosting our "The Last Supper" event just before lockdown.

03: Potli x Aster Farms

Harvesting olives in Lake County for our Aster Farms Collab and Hemp CBD Olive Oil

Check out Soil to Oil

04: Slumber Party

Our slumber party in a corn field photo shoot 

Check out Dream Zine

05: Giving Back

1 for 1 campaign with the SF Food Bank in April

06: Rachel Ray 💖

Being featured as “mom-approved CBD renegades” on Rachael Ray magazine

07: Staying connected during Covid

Going live every day at noon for the month of April to help us all get through lockdown together

08: Behing the Scenes Access

Starting a beta group to share BTS and first news with our best customers!

Join us here!

09: CBD Tips, Recipes + More

Launching our drip blog series to spread education and delicious ideas.

Drip Series

10: 420 Virtual Cook Off!


✧ PH Balancing ✧ Detoxifying ✧ Aids in weight loss ✧ Anti-inflammatory ✧ Stress relieving ✧ Self care in the AM ✧ Apply it topically on your skin, it is antibacterial ✧ Rebalance the PH on your scalp ✧ Plus! It is great as an anti-hangover cocktail mixer

More Recipes

Check out more recipes
from our makers at Potli.
We promise it's delicious!

Fel's A.M. Routine

The alarm goes off at 6:30 AM and I immediately put on a warm sweater, a beanie, and some fluffy socks before heading downstairs.

My AM routine starts with my extra large tea collection, loose leaf only. I am both a tea and coffee drinker, although I consume tea every day and coffee when I need the extra oomf (I have an extra long pour over process that I’ll save for another time).

Since I consume so much hot water on a daily basis, I already have a 4L water boiler filled at all times. My father collects teas, and I started learning about tea from a young age because of this. Usually I like to go for a green tea or an oolong in the morning. Because there is less fermentation in the process, the taste is bright and can really awaken your sense. I save the black tea for afternoons. Green tea is also delicious with Potli Feel Good Honey. I also only drink loose leaf, and never use a strainer. It’s really not a big deal to drink tea with leaves scattered on the bottom ;). Keeping my inner core warm is essential for me throughout the entire day.

As I warm my hands on the mug, I start writing my morning journals. I’ve been doing this for over a year now, and it all started with a friend recommending the book “Artist Way” to me. It’s a book with writing prompts about unleashing your creativity. Fundamental to the process is keeping morning journals, which is how you start your day with 3 pages of free hand — anything that comes to mind. This process has absolutely helped in organizing the many thoughts, areas of anxiety, communication with team members and processing emotions. It’s absolutely therapeutic (woohoo free therapy!), and has helped me overcome my fear of not being a good writer. English is my second language, and as a young adult, I had always used that as an excuse as to why I didn’t need to excel in communicating in that language.

Before all those zoom meetings that start, I might also put on an audiobook as I hang backwards and stretch with my aerial silks! I’m currently reading The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky. While I brush my teeth, I also scroll the Skimm for my morning news. If I’m honest, I’m also scrolling on instagram too ;). These are the essential secret ingredients to starting my day before I begin to attack my inbox.

Chris's P.M. Routine

I’m big on PM routines. I feel most people can relate when I say it’s hard to find time for yourself, and it’s easier for me to do that at night when my list is checked off, I’m fed (haha), and ready to relax. This is an extended PM routine, but if I could do it every night I definitely would!

I’m big on PM routines. I feel most people can relate when I say it’s hard to find time for yourself, and it’s easier for me to do that at night when my list is checked off, I’m fed (haha), and ready to relax. This is an extended PM routine, but if I could do it every night I definitely would! 

I start with making a little bedtime tea latte by making turmeric ginger tea, adding a generous splash of oat milk, and 1 teaspoon of Dream Honey. It’s creamy and flavorful and just a little sweet. I anticipate it takes about an hour for the Dream Honey to hit me, so it’s also a little countdown to bedtime!

I double cleanse my face and use toner, and then I apply a gel before using a microcurrent facial toner! It can be a little uncomfortable, but I’ve gotten used to it. I follow up with a vitamin c serum and moisturizer, brush my teeth, and try to remember to do a crest white strip (I’ve been drinking a lot more coffee this year and feel it’s showing up on my smile)!

I know it’s not a good habit to have screen time before bed, but it’s my favorite way to write. I’ve tried journaling but my hands just can’t keep up with my thoughts and it can become a limiting exercise. I write one or two paragraphs from a list of creative prompts I found online. Writing is such an effective way to get the juices flowing, especially in creative and reflective ways we might not be able to. I sometimes gua sha my face while thinking about what to write. Even during wind down we find joy in multitasking. 

I end the day with a short prayer-like affirmation. I’m not a very religious person but I do believe prayer or something similar to it is an amazing way to reflect, meditate, set intentions, and relinquish power all in one. I think everyone can do it. Even if it’s a prayer to yourself!


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