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Our Philosophy

Potli strives to bring a top quality, delicious, and easy to integrate cannabis edibles products to your kitchen to help you embrace plant-based wellness and self care every single day. Our clients are adventurous but laid back, ambitious but balanced, self aware but curious, firm in their core values but open minded.

We want to empower them to experience and enjoy life their way, all while positively impacting the perceptions and dialogues around cannabis. Learn more about CBD and cooking with cannabis. 

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Our Story

We are two real life best friends with a passion for exciting, artisanal products and the benefits of hemp. Potli all started with the honey itself. Our honey is farmed in hives on Felicity's property in partnership with a multi-generational beekeeper who has been passionate about beekeeping for the past 30 years. We made this product for Felicity’s mom, an asthma patient and a first generation immigrant who has been deterred by the negative reputation of cannabis from exploring its health benefits. With her in mind, we set out to craft a product you could trust, where quality or dosage was undoubtedly clear and apparent.

We hope to change the emotional response to cannabis in so many from intimidation and uncertainty to excitement and joy. For seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and beginners alike, we hope to surprise our clients with a new and different way to add a little lift in their day.

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Our Ingredients

Here at Potli, our mission is to source the best possible raw materials and infuse them with the highest quality cannabis we can find to create a truly healthy and versatile product. Our ingredients are sourced from family-owned and operated Northern California farms, decreasing our carbon footprint while ensuring quality, care, and passion.

Our hemp is tested by a 3rd party laboratory before and after production to ensure accurate dosing and purity.  We source from farms with regenerative agriculture and biodynamic farming methods. Our formulations use only full spectrum crude oil and distillate. Our Kentucky sun-grown, organic hemp is extracted with supercritical CO2 to provide the best cannabinoid and terpene profiles. A recirculating closed loop process returns a 90% solvent recovery rate minimizing our impact on the environment and limiting our disposal.


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Grow with Us

For wholesale inquiries, please reach us at queen@getpotli.com for details about your starter kit.

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