Tunes to #makechill

Tunes to #makechill


Curated by Chillanthropist Geraldine Mae Cueva

Tunes to #makechill -- a sonic journey for day-dreaming, feeling yourself, and preserving through self-love. 



As a child of Filipino immigrants, I've had to manage grief in different capacities to reach a positive state of well-being. While our home was never short on love, as I grew into adulthood I've had to learn and unlearn how to love myself, communicate my needs, and get after exactly what I want in life. Music has always been a connective tissue for me when it comes to healing, growing, and finding moments of clarity. There's no doubt that the body carries grief before the mind catches up and when I need to sit with my feelings, more often than not, music has helped guide me through. I compiled this playlist of tunes to center me in solitude, to find joy dancing in the mirror or swaying next to my favorite dance partner, and to get lost in love--be it with myself or for another person. I listen to music to #makechill, where my love always perseveres. 

What is grief, if not love persevering...