Celebrities that use apple cider vinegar

Celebrities that use apple cider vinegar

All aboard the hype train! Today we’re going over celebrities that have mentioned their use of apple cider vinegar.

Although these are just public figures saying they use it, there is something to be said about apple cider vinegar’s versatility: from facial skincare, to hair, weight loss, razor bumps, gut health, to household cleaner.

This article isn’t supposed to be taken as “these celebrities do it, so you should too” but instead just to give you context on what celebrities are saying about their use of apple cider vinegar.

Orlando Bloom

orlando bloom apple cider vinegar

Bloom claims he’s been drinking apple cider vinegar for 20 years, he does it for it’s alkaline effects on the body and gut health. The reason why having an alkaline system is sought after is because many bad bacterias and viruses simply cannot live in an alkaline environment.

Katy Perry

katy perry apple cider vinegar

As a couple with Orlando Bloom, they actually first bonded over their use of apple cider vinegar! Katy was introduced to it by her mother when she was a child. The couple actually believe in its benefits so much that they acquired apple cider vinegar company Bragg Live Food Products so they could help bring it’s useful benefits to the mainstream public.

Perry rinses her vegetables in apple cider vinegar to get it’s nutritional benefits but also takes about 1 cup of it and pours it in her bath for their skincare benefits as well.

Quest Love

quest love apple cider vinegar

Takes a shot of it everyday to maintain the health of his throat for his singing. Daily apple cider vinegar may not be as necessary for people who aren’t professional singers, and room water is typically what you should be drinking during a recording session or performing. 

On the other hand, it does seem to have a soothing effect on your throat when your throat is sore from the tension of heavy use of your vocal cords, so try it out after a night of karaoke!

Megan Fox

Megan fox apple cider vinegar

Megan uses apple cider vinegar for it’s weight loss appeal as it helps lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, reduce water weight, and because of the proteins and good bacterias it can be a good appetite suppressant as well.

Fox has said explicitly that she uses acv for when she’s been on a sugar binge and wants to detox her body.

Scarlett Johansson 

scarlet johansson apple cider vinegar

Scarlett Johansson uses acv as the centerpiece to her skincare regimen. She opts for apple cider vinegar as a face wash wishing to go the more natural approach to skincare, she says that acv is less harsh on your face than the chemicals in products that dermatologists recommend.

Apple cider vinegar’s disinfectant properties help with problem area breakouts to reduce swelling as well as helps bring back a rejuvenating glow to a dull skin tone. 


fergie apple cider vinegar

Fergie says that she credits her body’s physique to apple cider vinegar. She was told by her personal trainer to take 2 tbsp shots of ACV. Her trainer Natasha Kufa suggests that apple cider vinegar, (which has to be raw and unfiltered) helps the body digest food better by flushing out the colon and reduces cravings.

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