How to have a CBD Spa Night

How to have a CBD Spa Night

Whether it’s holiday crunch season at your job or just stress from this rollercoaster of a year, it’s “high time” that you relax and treat yourself to a much-deserved spa night!

You might already know that CBD doesn’t actually get you high, but puns aside, here’s the perfect setup to a blissful and relaxing CBD spa night.

How to set the mood for a relaxing bath 

Anyone can draw a hot bath. Setting the stage and putting the extra effort in is what's going to differentiate a regular bath from a cozy spa night.

Consider the following factors when doing the prep work for your spa night.

The Aromatics

A little ambiance goes a long way. Grab your favorite candles and light them around your bathroom.

The Beats

Queue up your favorite playlist that’ll help you unwind all the tension built up inside.

The Pamper

CBD Bath Bombs

It’s time to show your nails some love. Trim your nails prior to slipping in the bathtub in order to prevent nail damage. Longer nails soften in baths and are prone to cracks and breaks upon getting out of the tub. 

From there, grab your favorite deep conditioning hair mask and comb it evenly through your hair. Get cozy and wrap your head up in a clean, dry towel. To get the total home spa experience, find your favorite face mask and spread evenly over your face before preparing the tub for ultimate relaxation!

CBD Bath Bombs

Draw up some hot water and get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience. CBD bath bombs will stimulate relaxation and help you wash away the stresses of life.

Make your own bath bombs with recipes like this one, or scroll down to see the how to.  

Alternatively you can just grab some CBD bath bombs online like these if you’re not in the mood to whip up your own. We like these ones because they don’t require any bathtub cleanup afterwards. We’re all about getting the best self-care without the extra work here at Potli.

Post Bath Routine 

As you get out of the bath, put on your softest robe and grab some of our CBD Dream Honey. We love sipping a cup of hot tea while lounging in our face masks. 

CBD Honey

The cannabinoids in our CBD honey will activate and promote a deep, restful sleep as you cozy up and watch some Netflix before bed.

Are you pumped up about this spa night? Book in some you time and grab everything you need to have a dreamy night in with Potli CBD Honey. Let the relaxing begin!