CBD Face Mask Recipes for Ultimate Skin Benefits

CBD Face Mask Recipes for Ultimate Skin Benefits

What’s better than a homemade face mask to unwind at the end of a long week? A homemade face mask supercharged with CBD! Instead of reaching for a sheet mask the next time your skin needs some extra love, try nourishing it with cleaner, simpler ingredients straight out of your pantry. Your skin will thank you, trust us. CBD benefits the skin by boosting nutrients, decreasing breakouts, delivering anti-inflammatory benefits, and acting as a gentle detox. Plus, it’s great for all skin types, and can help improve acne, eczema, and psoriasis! A healthy glow, a chance to unwind, and an ingredient list so simple you could whip it up in a matter of minutes — these recipes are a win-win-win.




For staying calm and soothed:



Essential fatty acids in coconut oil and avocados boost your skin with deep hydration and new suppleness. The antioxidants in honey and CBD work together the soothe redness and acne-irritated skin. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, and apply gently to your skin. This mask takes us straight to the lavender fields.


Key benefits:

  • Soothes inflamed and irritated skin
  • Boosts hydration
  • Great nighttime ritual for better sleep




For ultimate hydration:



With avocado and oats, we’re making the perfect brunch for your skin. Massage them into your skin and let rest for fifteen minutes for hydration that will last all day. Honey helps your skin retain moisture, while CBD helps balance the oils in your skin, giving your skin a supple bounce without feeling oily. Oats are ultra-moisturizing, and have healing properties too! No more acne scars or roughness here.


Key benefits:

  • Long-lasting hydration and suppleness
  • Balances skin oils
  • Heals scars and roughness


Olive oil


For protection against pollutants:



Did you know that the tiniest particles, like CO2 and other pollutants, can have incredibly aggressive effects on your skin? It’s important to protect our faces from dullness, dehydration, and fine lines with the right ingredients. Almonds are packed with essential fatty acids that penetrate your skin and leave it with a new softness. The Vitamin E in olive oil protects your skin from free radicals, while CBD gives your skin that extra glow. Matcha is high in antioxidants and preserves the collagen in your skin. This ten-minute treatment will help break down all the dirt, make-up, dead cells, and oil in your skin.


Key benefits:

  • Protects from air pollutants and free radicals
  • Soft, smooth, and glowing skin
  • Gentle deep cleanse 


Grab everything you need to enjoy an elevated spa day at home here