Blood Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar’s implications for health

Blood Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar’s implications for health

The number of people who are eating mostly processed, fatty and unhealthy foods is pretty high in the United States and a big side effect contributing to obesity is high blood sugar. 

Too much glucose is inflammatory, having these high levels of sugar will turn into fat and affect our body’s metabolism. It’s not just regular sugar that you need to look out for though, processed foods also get converted by the pancreas into blood sugar and over time leads to insulin resistance: where your pancreas is starting to struggle getting the glucose into your cells, the long term effect of this is diabetes.

Today we’ll cover a couple tell tale signs you have high blood sugar and how apple cider vinegar can help you manage the blood sugar levels so you don’t suffer from long term consequences like diabetes.

Here are some symptoms of high blood sugar

Blurred Vision

High blood sugar causes the lense of the eye to swell, however this is usually temporary and can be corrected by bringing your blood sugar to the proper level

Difficulty Focusing

When the body is lacking insulin, it’s struggling removing glucose from the bloodstream and into the cells. According to Dr. Goldfine in an article written by Havard, high blood sugar levels disrupt the communication pathways within the brain, which is why you’re likely to experience a thick brain fog inhibiting you from focusing and other cognitive functions.

Dry Mouth

Because of the high glucose levels in your blood in saliva, your mouth will feel a bit dry and you might have trouble swallowing. Also when sugar builds up in your blood, your kidneys work extra hard to remove it from your system. Your kidneys removing the glucose pulls water from the rest of your body, which is why you’ll feel dehydrated.

Slow Healing Wounds

High blood sugar affects the nerves and inhibits blood circulation throughout the body, making the healing process for cuts and bruises hindered. 

How apple cider vinegar lowers your blood sugar levels

apple cider vinegar for heart health

Now that you have an idea of what to look for if you tend to have high blood sugar let’s talk about apple cider vinegar’s special properties to reduce this. 

According to a research article by BMC Gastroenterology, acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar decreases the rate of stomach emptying.

In layman terms: It keeps you fuller for longer and elongates the digestion process. By doing this, your glucose levels won’t spike so drastically upon finishing your meal.

Have you ever seen kids have a big sugar rush after eating a bunch of candy? 

It’s because once all that candy is digested the blood sugar spikes, if the digestion process took longer, the glucose entering the bloodstream would be introduced at slower levels preventing the massive spike.

Remember how we said insulin helps get sugar into your cells and insulin resistance builds up which is why sugar is not being processed well?

Another article from the American Diabetes Association suggests that apple cider vinegar improves insulin sensitivity, thus helping your pancreas break down that glucose properly.

To get started, you’ll want to get one tablespoon of acv to water and mix it in. 

You could either drink this acv mixture 30 minutes before your meal or right before it to reap the benefits.

Be sure that after you take your acv to wash your mouth out because if apple cider vinegar sits on your teeth it will begin to erode your enamel.

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