Summer Corn Potage

Summer Corn Potage

Summer Corn Potage
A Potli x Puff Recipe by Chef Minh (Porridge + Puffs)

A delightful midsummer night’s dream of textures and flavors, served as a perfect companion to a wholesome porridge of ancient grains or as a refreshing summer salad. This potage is a cold dish with a soft bed of flowers and seasonal vegetables topped with a creamy corn silk tea blended with sweet corn and coconut milk and a final touch of Potli cannabis-infused extra virgin olive oil.

Farm fresh, in-season vegetables (Spring peas, cauliflower, watermelon radishes)
Edible flowers (Nasturtium, pea flowers, pansies)
Fresh herbs (dill, thyme, cinnamon basil) 
Corn on the cob
Corn silk tea
Coconut milk
Potli Cannabis Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1. Pickle and blanch summer vegetables to retain texture and integrity of spring peas, cauliflower and watermelon radishes. 
  2. Sprinkle a bed of edible flowers and sliced gooseberries with some fresh herbs for a salad base. 
  3. To prepare the potage, remove all the corn off the cob and set aside. Start boiling the cob in a corn silk tea and scratch the husk to bring out the milky center. Turn down the heat to a slight simmer. 
  4. Saute the corn kernels and caramelize with aromatics like shallots, onion or garlic. 
  5. Take the creamy corn silk tea mixture and blend together with sauteed corn. Gradually infuse with coconut milk for the liquid base. 
  6. Slowly infuse or spin out cinnamon basil with Potli extra virgin olive oil to add more herbaceous notes to the peppery oil. 
  7. Serve chilled and pour over the summer vegetables.