Sleepytime Nut Butter Toast

Sleepytime Nut Butter Toast
Do you love waking up to a hearty serving of toast to kick off your day? Our variation of nut butter toast uses hemp-infused Dream Honey to give your favorite breakfast food a bedtime spin. Feel free to repurpose your bananas from your fresh batch of Bedtime Oatmeal Cookies here! Bananas are not only loaded with tryptophan, but they also contain magnesium and potassium, which help relax tired muscles. 


Here’s how to make a sleepytime nut butter toast to remedy your midnight tossing and turning:


  • 2 thick slices of bread
  • ½ cup nut butter
  • 1 medium banana
  • 2 tbsp Potli Dream Honey
  • ¼ cup toasted coconut
  • ½ tsp flaky sea salt


  1. Toast 2 slices of bread.
  2. Divide almond butter and then bananas between the 2 pieces of toast.
  3. Drizzle each slice with 1 tablespoon honey, sprinkle with toasted coconut and flaky salt.


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