potluck: crystal chai

potluck: crystal chai
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This recipe comes to us from PureCoco
Crystal Chai (makes two servings)

  • Potli raw honey (2 TBSP)
  • Non dairy milk of choice (I used half flax half soy)
  • Chai mix of choice dissolved in warm water (I used Blue Lotus) 
  • Enjoy while holding rose quartz and clearing all negativity !!!


In a 4 cup (32oz) Mason jar, first whisk 1 tsp unsweetened powdered chai mix with about 3 tablespoons of warm, not hot, water until fully combined. Now add two beautifully heaping tablespoons of Potli Hemp Infused Raw Honey and mix gently to combine. Pour in one cup of soy milk and two cups of flax milk. Whisk together and enjoy slowly while gazing into or holding rose quartz to enhance your vitality and clear all negative energy. Extra credit for soaking a cinnamon stick in the flax or soy milk (or both) overnight.