Green Tea & Orange Juice Spritz

Green Tea & Orange Juice Spritz

Supercharge your mornings with the powerful blend of fresh orange juice & Uncle Chen's Jasmine Green Tea. 

Did you know? Green tea is packed with a chockful of beneficial antioxidants known as catechins. A new study shows that combining citrus juice or vitamin C gives a boost to the bioavailability of these compounds and improving heart & brain health. 



Green Tea & Orange Juice Sunrise Spritz


Spoonful of Feel Good CBD Honey
Bag of Uncle Chen's Jasmine Green Tea
Fresh orange juice (or any citrus juice)
Spirulina / Blue algae powder
Sparkling water 
Orange wedge (for garnish) 



  1. Pour over the Jasmine Green Tea pearls with boiling water. Let the tea leaves seep for more than 5 minutes. 
  2. Dose & stir Feel Good CBD Honey to your desired level. We recommend no less than 1 tbs for a single-serving. 
  3. In a separate cup, pour a foundation of orange juice (or tangerine juice) at the base of the vessel. 
  4. Wait until the tea is cooled down before pouring the second layer of your tea sunrise. 
  5. Drink it all in. (Good morning!)