Five Season TCM's Green Goddess Artichoke Dip with Shrimp Chips

Five Season TCM's Green Goddess Artichoke Dip with Shrimp Chips

A traditional chinese medicine twist on artichoke dip paired perfectly with Potli's Shrimp Chips. Whipped up by Xinyi Zoey Gong of Five Seasons TCM.

A deeply satisfying, healing dip to aid in liver function and support digestion. This easy recipe uses common ingredients that are accessible & really beneficial for liver and middle jiao health. 

Serving Size: 2-3

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes




  1. Roughly chop garlic, scallion, and parsley. Strain artichoke from canning liquid. 
  2. In a blender, add everything and blend until smooth. If you are looking for a chunkier texture, you can use a food processor!
  3. Taste and adjust. 
  4. Garnish with your preferred toppings!





In TCM, liver is responsible for guiding the flow of qi, storing blood, aiding in digestion, maintaining emotional health, and especially managing women’s health. In order to ensure that our liver functions at its best, we want to have foods that can subdue rising liver yang/fire, reduce stagnation of the liver, and support the stomach and spleen-- the two organs that work closely with the liver for our digestion and more. 

TCM Benefits

  • Benefit liver, organize liver qi
  • Support middle jiao health
  • Detoxify liver 
  • Balance mood


"Five Seasons is a place for education. It is a place to explore a better way of eating. It is a place to learn to understand our unique bodies in a holistic, flexible, and loving way." 

– Zoey Xinyi Gong




Zoey Xinyi Gong is the founder & creative mastermind behind Five Seasons TCM. A wealth of knowledge on nutrition and holistic health, Zoey began cooking & demystifying traditional chinese medicine as a way to connect with her roots. Through her work as an educator and culinary artist, Zoey is elevating tradition and enlightening others about the joy and wonder of healing foods. 

@zoeyxinyigong | @fiveseasonstcm



Dive Deeper 


Take the Five Seasons TCM Body Constitution Test. 

  •  Helps you identify your body constitution
  •  Description of your body constitution and key characteristics.
  •  Dietary recommendations & cautions.
  •  Two basic, versatile recipes.
  •  Lifestyle recommendations.


The Nine Body Constitutions

Neutral 平和 - The “Ideal”

Yang Deficiency 陽虚

Yin Deficiency 陰虛

Blood Stasis 血瘀

Qi Deficiency 氣虛

Qi Stagnation 氣鬱

Damp-Heat 濕熱

Phlegm-Dampness 痰濕

Allergic Constitution 特稟